Public speaking is a relatively new and important task presented to high schoolers. In fact, presentations and speaking are crucial in the future for building connections that are effective. Virtual Reality is rapidly advancing and gaining popularity. Therefore, virtual reality can present a new technological savvy way to effectively tackle preparing for presentations and public speaking. Rather than practicing amongst friends and family or in front of a mirror, virtual reality can help with actually preparing a student for the environment and simulating the environment.

The product will contain two main components: the hardware component; and the software component. The hardware component consists of a commercially available virtual reality headset, a headphone, and a off-the-shelf wearable sensor. The headset and headphones will ensure that the user has the
required visual and auditory display, thereby providing an immersive experience. The wearable sensor will provide an inexpensive and non-invasive way to measure the user’s heart rate. The software component will provide the progress report, constant feedback, and instill a motivation to learn. Furthermore, the software component will allow configuration of the virtual environment and gamify the learning process

This High School Student Has Built a VR Company From the Ground Up

What inspired you (or your team)?

Three years ago, I was sitting in my freshman civics class where the majority of my grade was dependent on my contribution to class discussion, just raising my hand during class was nerve racking. Presenting in front of the entire class was an ordeal and no amount of practice in front of friends or a mirror prepared me for the anxiousness I felt in front of a crowd of peers. Was there an efficient way to effectively prepare students like me to overcome and better handle this fear?