WaypointAR is a indoor navigation platform that uses augmented reality(AR) and computer vision. Navigation has been a problem for years and companies like Google have purely focused on navigation for outdoor locations. There is no application for indoor navigation that is widely available right now. AR is the perfect way to solve this problem. WaypointAR works within airports, university campuses, malls, museums, complexes and large indoor locations. WaypointAR is sponsored by the Thiel Foundation and Google to fund the first stage of growth. Some of the tools used to build this product include XCode, Unity and Android Studio. The specific frameworks that were used are ARKit and ARCore. WaypointAR uses a Visual Positioning System and Spatial Mapping to determine where it can place AR content in the environment. Computer Vision(AI) is used in the process of spatial mapping to create a mesh of the environment that can allow for interactive AR content to be placed. There are a few competitors working on a solution similar to this but all of these companies utilize beacons, which needs to be placed every 10 meters to enable location tracking and is very expensive. Even with beacons, these solutions have inaccurate location tracking. WaypointAR only requires a floor plan uploaded in the user dashboard and the algorithm will takes care of the rest! This product is very economical, has significantly better location tracking and has a fantastic AR interface that has been tested and iterated with a lot of experts in the AR industry.

What inspired you (or your team)?

I saw this huge gap in the mobile navigation industry and an amazing opportunity to solve this problem myself. I have been really passionate about VR/AR for the past 2 years and have also personally done a lot of work in this field. I’m supported and sponsored by several tech companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Snapchat and Udacity. I have spoke at some of the worlds biggest conferences such as C2 Montreal, TEDx and Web Summit. I really have a drive to make impact with this technology and change the world in the future. Right now, applications for VR/AR are limited to marketing, entertainment and gaming. I want to be the first killer app that breaks AR out of this barrier and create the first true consumer AR application that will change the industry forever!