CerebroStim is a platform that aims to make the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases much cheaper, faster, and effective. Diseases such as HIV and Arthritis plague billions, and with no early tools for diagnosis, and no options for recovery. As autoimmune diseases such as HIV can overstimulate areas of the brain, CerebroStim plans on using a low-cost, portable EEG system, paired with a robust machine learning model to detect anomalies in brain activity that are indicative of immune disorders, and aims to treat these disorders through the electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve. Stimulation of this nerve has been proven to greatly accelerate the production and efficiency of T-Cells, through the hormone Thymosin and the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, to improve the body’s natural defense system against inflammation and disease. Both the diagnosis and treatment phases of CerebroStim will be easily accessed using an app, allowing both patients and physicians to monitor progress. Rather than risking harmful side effects from external drugs, CerebroStim enhances the body’s abilities, making it a much more feasible option for patients suffering from the symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

What inspired you (or your team)?
Noticing how humans spent years and years of their lives battling sickness, we wanted to challenge this reality. We wanted to find a simple, yet effective way that people with diseases could receive treatment without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for doctor’s appointments and medical bills. We took part in a hackathon at The Knowledge Society, and lo and behold, CerebroStim was born.