Our DARK is a modified paintball helmet that has been outfitted with a raspberry pi encased in the 3D-printed casing on the side. The pi is then wired to a display screen that is set to display the pi’s desktop. The screen is set in the user’s field of vision, and will ultimately be held there by more than just wires and tape, unlike our pictured prototype. The raspberry pi can also be connected to a smartphone, (unpictured), and the phone is used to navigate through what is shown on the display screen. The screen is meant for use with XGPS, a software that the pi uses to determine its’ location. Then we can run google maps on the pi to create a location map of the surrounding area. Finally, locations can be shared through google maps so that dots appear on other people’s maps. This was designed as a way for soldiers or firefighters to keep track of fellow units in stressful situations. We also expanded to allow paintball players to keep track of teammates during a simulated combat experience. This will allow for a more optimized real combat situation, maintain safety for firefighters, and create a more fun way to play paintball or airsoft.


What inspired you (or your team)?

My team member and I are avid paintball players and constantly bemoan the lack of awareness in the heat of combat. We also learned from a teacher in our school that a startling number of firefighters go missing in massive wildfires and are completely lost to the blaze. We designed this product in the 2018-2019 school year to combat such issues.