We were wondering why nanobots weren’t a reality, even though they are popular in fiction. When we looked into the problems, we found that the design process mainly involves designing a nanobot that might work, building it, then testing it – which is complex and super inefficient. This process is also very slow, extremely expensive, and hasn’t yielded any deployable nanobots.
The solution we came up with was a simulation software, with future prospects of adding AI. It would essentially be a simulation of a part of the body, and researchers can use the software to choose their environment of choice, and create a nanobot by pulling from a database of different nanobot components. Using the simulation you don’t have to actually create nanobots to test them (removes cost + time). You would be able to quickly iterate over nanobot designs, and actually track the nanobots as they do their job!

We’ve done extensive research (calling researchers, reading research papers), and the the possible main failure point would be computation – which we can only know by building the simulation. To build it we would learn nanorobotics from Drexlers book ‘Nanosystems’, to create all of the models and design components we would use solidworks and Z88/ANSYS, and for the actual simulation we would use C++, Lammps or Comsol, an open source physics engine, and possibly Body Atlas mapping in the future.

Here is an article we wrote on the idea: https://medium.com/darwin-x/darwin-x-enabling-the-nanobot-revolution-dbc9b791dd8d.


What inspired you (or your team)?

Imagine being a Roman emperor 2000 years ago. You had an entire kingdom, willing to do whatever you command. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own personal army, keeping your kingdom it safe, healthy, and in order? I’m not talking about an actual kingdom, or actual troops with hardhats, spears, shields and a loud battle cry. I’m talking about your own body, your own personal kingdom… it’s currently vulnerable.

From cancer to aging, to even the common cold, our body is constantly under threat. What you need is an army to protect your kingdom. A miniature army. An army so small that you can’t even see it with your own eyes. This army is an army of nanobots. Robots that are as small as red blood cells – thousands of times smaller than the thickness of a human hair! Working together in swarms of millions, they can boost your immune system, fight diseases, and fix any cells that aren’t working properly. But what if cancer became as curable as the common cold? What if aging was slowed or even reversed? Well in the near future, it may entirely be possible. A future that Darwin^x hopes to create.

We were motivated to create a future of prosperity in everyone’s kingdom, and make sure that no attacks cause any harm to your kingdom. We in-vision a future in which everyone has their own personal armies guarding them from harm, and keeping their personal kingdom safe. A future, where every disease is cured, we’ve mapped the brain, and where human beings have conquered death and become immortal. All of which is possible with nanobots.