DeepDev is a platform that takes a code-less approach to learning, building, and deploying machine learning applications. Our mission is to make the most powerful tool in the world, machine learning, accessible to everyone.

We reinvented the machine learning development process by allowing anyone to build high performance models through an intuitive drag and drop editor. DeepDev simultaneously generates all the code for you, creating a side by side comparison between your visual canvas and python code.

We will offer interactive tutorials to guide students through the fundamentals of machine learning. From diagnosing skin cancer with convolutional neural networks, to customer segmentation using multi-layer perceptrons – we streamlined machine learning education through our integrated tutorials.

DeepDev is in the process of prototyping and early design. Our Minimum Viable Product is a web application ( that lets you select from a list of pre-existing datasets, build your model using a drag and drop editor, and DeepDev generates the code in python (.py) or Jupyter Notebook(.ipynb) format.

Ultimately, DeepDev aims to become an end-to-end machine learning development software, used by students as a learning tool, and businesses as a way to easily integrate machine learning.

DeepDev is changing the status quo for machine learning. By democratizing the most powerful tool, we are building the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and unicorn companies. We are here to make machine learning the new electricity.

What inspired you (or your team)?

Machine learning is already revolutionizing every single industry and changing every aspect of our world. From predicting disease before it occurs, to empowering self driving cars with computer vision.

However, there exists a huge barrier to entry. You need to have a background in calculus, linear algebra, computer science, algorithms, coding, and so much more. By chance, we were lucky enough to have had a strong background in all these fields which we developed on our own spare time, and even with all that, it still took months to break that barrier. And another half a year to bridge the gap between theory and application.

This doesn’t make sense at all. The best technology we have to progress humanity forward should not be left behind such a huge barrier to entry.

This is why we created DeepDev, a company with the goal of democratizing machine learning. We realized that if we made such a powerful technology like machine learning available to everyone, the amount of further innovation and technological development in the world would be astronomical.