The mission of Dexterity is to provide those in developing countries with access to essential life skills — these range from developing an adequate understanding of first aid and sanitation to security. By cutting down the cost of tablets, though a combination of Raspberry Pi’s and cost-efficient screens, we are able to build educational devices. If leapfrog can release a tablet for $20, surely we can cut down the cost even further. These devices contain translated videos, texts, and tutorials, further exploring the topic of ‘life skills.’ In order to obtain content, we aim to use Dexterity as a training platform for educators. Teachers in training can create tutorials based on merit, or for extra credit as a class assignment. These videos will be vetted to ensure that proper materials are distributed. Dexterity has the potential to revolutionize the developing world entirely. Currently, 74% of people live in multidimensional poverty. Dexterity will allow these people to live a higher standard of life and better understand life skills, which may not be easily accessible otherwise.


What inspired you (or your team)?

Before choosing to develop Dexterity, our team was doing a lot of thinking on the topic of what drives us. We are part of The Knowledge Society, a human accelerator for teens. One day, one of our directors mentioned that in some developing countries, people would stand on the streets and look, because they cannot do anything else. Their chance of success is exponentially smaller than someone living in a developing country. That resonated with our team. That was the first moment that we realized how truly privileged we are. We decided that it would be essential to help those people, but we had no idea where to start. We broke down the problem into first principles and realized that the majority of these people don’t know how to go about necessary life skills. So, Dexterity was formed. We figured if we could teach people how to live their life more efficiently and improve their safety, than we could help lead them into success.