We made a project that gets the most recent advancements in a certain person’s interest. If people want to become more involved with the future, they need to start learning about what’s happening in their industry. But nowadays, so much research is being done that it’s hard to find what actually interests you. That’s why we created Discite. We used Python along with the Gensim library for text summarization and the Google Language API for entity detection using Latent Dirichlet Allocation. We are currently hosting an API using Google App Engine and are working on a chrome extension to display content from a GET request. After gathering information about what the person finds interesting, we send the most recent advancements in their field of interest by using the algorithm that we created. We have a vision where technology becomes a reality. In order to make that vision a reality we have to start with one step, that one step is Discite.


What inspired you (or your team)?

Being knowledgable about what’s happening in the world is really important. We noticed that even with ourselves, we’re not as well informed as we could be. The reason was not because we didn’t want to read article or research papers, but because there was too much information and it was difficult to find information that is important to us. That’s when we realized that we wanted to make something that helps people understand content and motivates them to keep looking at more related/similar articles. We choose the name Discite for our product because it is latin for the english word learn, which is only fitting for our topic. The end goal when coming up with an idea was that it had to be something that was useful and practical. We think that Discite gets the best of both worlds.