DreamAI is not a typical tech start-up – instead, it is one that helps to optimize the potential of future immigrants in the Canadian economy led by a team of first-generation Canadian-immigrants. Through our proprietary AI metric and ML model, extensive research, and cooperation with larger private and government businesses, we have created a web platform that supports incoming Canadian immigrants. Specifically, our minimum viable product (MVP) consists of a basic website, data-entry form, and algorithm that yields a user’s competitiveness within the Canadian job market, in accordance with the NOC database. With this MVP, we can show potential investors and contributors our vision and use-scenario with DreamAI. As a business-to-business and business-to-consumer start-up, we provide a solution for companies of refined talent in the form of eager new immigrants looking for specific work. Our platform is essential to all those involved because it gives opportunities to those who struggle to attain relevant or appropriate jobs based on their particular skills, coupled with enabling businesses to find talent to hire seamlessly. The relevance our start-up has is also significant to Canadian values. With our current government looking to bring over roughly 350,000 immigrants in 2020, it is obvious that many could be misplaced in jobs that are unrelated to their areas of expertise. Besides solving the mundane process of finding jobs in a new country, we maximize the skillset of immigrants by pairing them with suitable jobs, ultimately bolstering the national economy in an efficient and economical fashion.


What inspired you (or your team)?

With our team composed of three first-generation immigrants, we have been through and seen the struggle of finding a suitable livelihood once in Canada. For most people like our parents, this has manifested itself in the form of finding a job with the skills they had. Cognizant of the strain, as mentioned above, inflicted upon new Canadians, for future immigrants to be successful, we wanted to create a platform that fully supports newcomers in finding their livelihood. As youth innovators, we were inspired to do this using the emerging and exciting technologies widely available to us. By integrating our proprietary dataset for use with AI, our Machine Learning model allows us to accurately and precisely optimize users’ skills with relevant job opportunities. Thus far, it has not been an easy road for us. The many adults who we work with doubt our abilities, often we are dismissed because of our ambitious goals, and we have found ourselves, at times, confused about how to take the next step. Being unplanned and told you cannot do it is never easy. Still, it is precisely each dimension of this skepticism, coupled with the hope of making a profound impact on the lives of future Canadians, that propels us forward. With our team fully committing and understanding the lasting importance that our startup will have on Canadians like our families, we are only further excited to see where this journey takes us.