Eden XR is a startup company dedicated to centralizing the XR industry. The main issue with the industry right now is that the components of the perfect XR setup are sold by different companies. Our solution is to manufacture these products ourselves by creating an XR ecosystem of products, similar to Apple’s ecosystem. We’ve created blueprints and designs for smart lenses that can display both VR and AR through nanopixel displays and 5G streaming technologies to connect to a server in which it’s powered, a haptic suit that uses EEGs to control the realism of the experience, haptic gloves that are slimmer and lighter than anything on the market while using that same industry standard haptic technology, and a VR treadmill that uses a motorized, omnidirectional design to provide the best possible experience. These are all connected with bluetooth in order to provide a seamless ecosystem. With this product, we truly feel that we can push XR forward, and start creating experiences with this hardware that are unrivalled in realism. This opens up the doors to so many possible applications in the education, medical, business, manufacturing, and gaming industries.


What inspired you (or your team)? 

When I got my first VR headset, I was amazed at the potential, the innovation, the technological leap, but more than that, I was disappointed. I was disappointed at the small field of view, the poor resolution, the small refresh rate, the horrible compatibility with haptic suits, haptic gloves, and VR treadmills. I saw the potential to create something that could fix this experience. VR has so much potential, but with the hardware that currently exists, we just simply cannot reach that potential. I turned this observation into my mission, and dedicated my time to solving this problem.