GuardR is a device that can be used by a supervisor to monitor a worker’s health and safety to reduce the time taken for paramedics to arrive on scene. In the United States, approximately 22 million workers are exposed to an unhealthy amount of noise, thousands die annually due to unintentional falls and poor air quality can be detrimental to worker health. GuardR integrates multiple sensors including GPS, microphone, three-axis accelerometer, and air quality sensor. When the worker powers on the microcontroller (NodeMcu) it immediately starts the webserver and waits for a client to get connected to the webserver. Once the client is connected, the microcontroller sends the information read by the sensors to the connected client. Then the information is displayed on the webserver. Additionally, the sound intensity and air quality will be shown on an OLED display and the detection of a fall (read by the accelerometer) will be sent to the webserver to alert the supervisors and quickly call the paramedics. Once the accelerometer (Mpu6050) detects that the threshold was exceeded it will send a signal to the NodeMcu which then sends the information to the supervisor. Millions of workers go to work every day, confiding that their safety harnesses or safety equipment will protect them. GuardR is a device that every construction worker needs in case of an emergency and in general to aid communication between worker and supervisor.

What inspired you (or your team)?

I was inspired to create GuardR because in the summer of 2015 my uncle was severally injured in a construction accident in Peru and since he was working alone, he could not alert any nearby workers or supervisors. Through more extensive researching I found out that there are solutions to monitor a construction worker’s health on the job, but they are extremely expensive. My normal route to school includes walking past a construction zone and after a while, I realized that it was incredibly loud. I found out that in the United States, approximately 22 million workers are exposed to an unhealthy amount of noise which is around 85 decibels daily. Additionally, Air quality in the workplace is important to workers’ health. Poor air quality can cause a worker to have irritated eyes, nose, and throat, leading to poor work performance and health problems. Polluted air can be dangerous, but it can be detected to alert the workers of poor air quality. GuardR possesses the potential to change the construction industry by substantially improving the lives of many workers and hopefully reduce the number of injuries/deaths in the world. Millions of construction workers go to work every day, confiding in their safety equipment. As the number of injuries and deaths increases it seems like nothing is being done to protect the workers. The current technologies out there to aid workers are extremely expensive which is why I designed GuardR, an inexpensive solution to reducing the number of injuries/deaths in the workplace. This project has made me realize the impact that this project would have in the workplace as well as inspired me to create a difference in the workplace so that in the near future GuardR will be available to workers.