We live in a society where there is an abundance of information. To help digest this large amount of information, I created ParaTech. Paratech uses state-of-the-art unsupervised learning and natural language processing techniques to summarize text. Using concepts called text rank and text extraction, the machine is able to process any text and condense it. Built in Python using libraries such as Pytorch, NLTK, Flask and various other toolkits. It works by breaking up all the sentences from a given text, and figuring out what sentences are the most important and sending them back to the user. It is important because it lowers the entry into a topic substantially by letting users get the main ideas about a topic and allows for further research. Furthermore, it gives people the ability to understand material fast and efficiently. I think when people use this tool, it will greatly decrease the barrier for people to learn advanced topics. This is fundamentally why it’s so important and why I will continue to work on it. It is in early development and the next plan is to make it so that it can summarize videos aswell… a very intense task.

Code for project: https://github.com/Vansh-Sethi/TextSummarizer-Paratech

Medium Article: https://medium.com/@vanshsethi17/paratech-text-summarization-tool-using-natural-language-processing-and-unsupervised-machine-74843a2cd898

What inspired you (or your team)?

I am definitely a curious person and crave to know about how things work around me. I want to learn about “artificial intelligence” or “gene editing” but when I go to read articles or textbooks or even papers, I am left wondering “what’s going on?” So I created a tool that essentially gives the main ideas of text and with the main ideas, people could go onto research more about those main ideas. It’s also a convenient way to substantially retain the important parts of text. The name “ParaTech” is short for “Paraphrase Technology”. Now, I can dive into a topic without scratching my head and figure out the keywords/information about topics. My ultimate end goal for this product is to enable people to learn more, digest more content and with the knowledge gained, innovate and change the world. If I truly want to impact millions of people, I should be helping the people that can also do that, by giving them a way to learn. I hope Paratech will one day reach this goal, and I am hopeful for the future.