We are in the process of creating an app called ParkPerks. This app will allow you to save time when looking for parking. The app will show green and red spots on the sides of streets to indicate open and taken parking spots respectively. The availability of a specific parking spot will be determined by a network of LIDAR sensors deployed throughout the city. We plan on developing strategic partnerships with the proprietors of the buildings that we will attach our LIDAR sensors on. Portions of our revenue streams will automatically be redirected to our building partners. The app will be available for free with an optional monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription. The app will display a small banner add towards the bottom at all times for users of the free version. The users of the free version will also be limited to a certain amount of parking space look-ups a month. The app will be limited to NYC initially and it will expand further from there.

What inspired you (or your team)?

My partner Matt was exploring and learning about the Internet of Things when inspiration struck. This app harnesses the power of IoT at it’s most fundamental level.