My project is an app that completely destroys the typical business card. Shard will allow users to create a personalized business card profile including contact info, as well as a bio. This card is called a “Shard” ( A combination of Shared + Card), Shards can be exchanged within the app between users and be used to create instant contacts in your mobile device or stored in the users reserves. This app will eliminate the use of paper and ink for the printing of a 3.2 x 2.15 inch card that’ll either get dropped on a hallway floor, stored in a wallet and forgotten, or just flat out ignored. This app will be the key to connecting with business partners at social events or between an interviewee and interviewer.

What inspired you (or your team)?
I’m a graphic designer and have made a couple business cards for customers and myself. I’ve personally seen business cards on the ground in public, or found old business cards that I never inquired about in the back of my wallet.

This app is basically a convenient way to keep business cards as well as a better way of storing and sharing them.