I notice the problems and little annoyances that go along with shaker bottles, mugs, and cups. Hard to clean, bad insulation, and use of too many containers are problems that some companies set out to solve. I want to try to solve all these problems at once. It is a base stainless steel cup. With a screw on top and bottom, It will be easy to clean with no area hard to reach. With stainless steel, this will have maximum insulation and odor resistant compared to plastic. The screw on top will be swapable with various tops depending on the need. With all these attachments sketched comes a system i’m imagining. This would be sold on a website, and the consumer would add attachments they want to the stainless steel base. The website would also give the consumer recommendations on the combinations of attachments for their need. All these attachments and features assure the consumer this system will meet their needs. Its targeted towards the average worker, teachers, and athletes with uses that actually appeal to most people.


What inspired you (or your team)? 
I enjoy working out and lifting. What this means is that I intake a lot of water caffeine and supplements. I have my shaker bottle. This shaker bottle stinks because I cant reach the bottom, and im not able to clean it properly. If i want coffee I grab a mug. If i want water or just a simple drink i grab a different cup. Then I leave and the ice has melted only minutes after. Why can’t I just use one thats great for everything and easy to clean? As I said, many products like this exist but nothing exists with a detachable bottom along with various attachments that goes for mass appeal. This has lead to my idea.