Have you ever received notifications for an app that you don’t even use when you need to get an important message from your boss? Although, it may not happen in these exact circumstances, we frequently get notifications when we don’t want to. Not only is it extremely inconvenient, but it also makes using and interacting with your device unnecessarily more difficult.

Unotify is an app designed to aid individuals in reducing the clutter of notifications they get on a daily basis. There is no app currently in the marketplace remotely allowing the level of personalization we seek to provide. While some apps do offer a degree of notification filtration, we seek to enable an unprecedented level of notification personalization. We aim to rethink, with our app, how notifications can be better received.

Unotify works primarily through the Android operating system, allowing for a broader range of accessible features and freedoms from a developer standpoint. Utilizing the NotificationManager and NotificationListenerService developer tools paired with the Java programming language authorizes the device to perform the necessary functions of the application. For the customization and efficiency of Unotify to shine, the user’s Google Calendar data is accessed through the respective API to schedule times for notification management easily. Users can also categorize times using an in-app scheduling system. Looking forward, we intend to expand the features of Unotify to include a multitude of personalized notification and message features while working on delving into the IOS space, where such features are not currently permitted.

What inspired you (or your team)?

Our team has always been dismayed at the fact that there are no practical ways to filter, or more so, adjust our notifications to the complexities of our everyday lives. We get so many different notifications from mindless Instagram posts to important Slack messages, so we wanted to know why there wasn’t any app out there designed to be able to navigate this clutter of notifications. After all, our mobile phones are only continuing to grow in importance, so getting a notification could mean whether or not you receive important information.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a personalized notification system, giving us the freedom to determine what notifications we get, when we wanted them? Our team saw this and thought, “Wait, why isn’t there something out there already doing this?”

Each member of our team have always been intrinsically motivated to try to solve different problems, whether it be simple inconveniences to the most persistent global problems. That’s why we all joined a human incubator, The Knowledge Society, to be able to develop into future thought leaders and learn about exponential technologies and how we can implement them. We have previously created projects for hackathons and competitions and now, we are aiming to create Unotify, an app that allows users to be able to fully curate their notifications and be able to engage with their devices more efficiently and effectively. Although the idea may not seem so disruptive on paper, we believe that by addressing this need for a better form of notifications, we will enable individuals around the world to not miss that important assignment deadline, that cute picture of their family, and maybe even that one message that may change the trajectory of their life.