Wizard of the Night is a top-down dungeon crawler video game. It centers around a wizard named Curtis who was laid off from his job as a potion maker. He spends a year trying to find a job but to no avail. With his apartment on the line, he has no choice but to fight monsters in a dungeon and take their gold to pay his rent.

The genre focuses on a singular player that travels through a level and defeats enemies that appear. Unlike most dungeon crawlers, my game takes the innovative approach of victory based on score; the player wins when they collect enough gold to leave the dungeon. To my knowledge, no other dungeon crawler has taken this approach to experience design. The storyline of my game reflects a common problem in today’s society; unemployment. Many citizens struggle to find jobs that support their skill sets. I want to give these people a fun outlet to help cope with their economic issues, and this game is an effective way of achieving that.

Wizard of the Night is currently in the planning phase. I have sketched the designs of the UI, the fundamentals of each dungeon, and the items the player can collect (power ups, treasure chests, etc.). The tool sets I will use to build this game are Unity (a powerful game engine), and C#. I am teaching myself how to use both, and I will begin the development process in late March.

What inspired you (or your team)?

In creating this game, I want to help foster an environment that inspires youth to pursue their passions in game development. I believe that if young people can see people like themselves creating games, then they can be inspired to create their own games at a young age.