CASA is a homeless tracking platform that utilizes crowdsourcing to develop an outreach map of geoloactions of those in need aggregated into a heatmap. With this heatmap, organizations aiding those in need are able to better find them, and better spend their resources on more efficient and effective outreach work. The crowdsourcing aspect comes into play using the geolocation of phones of the users and being able to drop markers on a map of the homeless person’s location. The importance behind a platform aiding those in need is due to the exponentially growing population. Whereas the current forms of aid are sparing change and donating food, a simple marker from a phone can bring a person in need to a new home, aa better life. The key being, a helping hand will cost nothing at all.

What inspired you (or your team)?

The inspiration behind CASA, is seeing the number of homeless people on the streets, the same people, on the same street, the same sign, same everything. I often give change or leftover lunch, but it is not a sustainable effort for me nor them. Thus the goal of making a helping hand that costs nothing, yet makes a significant difference.