I doubt any other application will sound as good as mine – or rock as hard! My project is the band I formed, manage, promote and perform in – The DropOffs. While it may seem a bit out of the technology space, my project has to utilize the latest in tech innovations when it comes to promotion, marketing and recording. Like the other students applying for this scholarship, I plan to use these skills in my college major, Music Business.

From a promotion and marketing standpoint I use all social media platforms, along with numerous creative programs to develop eye-catching content. I edit all of our video content, and use professional-grade music programs to record and mix.

This has made an impact on the band, leading to over 25 gigs, including playing in front of 8000 people at an outdoor concert and one at Hollywood’s famous Whisky-A-Go-Go.

We have our songs up on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music and most streaming platforms. I’ve spent countless hours online, figuring out the best ways to get our music to the masses – along with licensing and of course trying to make a dollar or two.

Finally, I have embraced technology in the way we book our gigs (and occasionally get paid), using some of the newer payment programs.

Why is my project important? I think it has allowed me to show there are so many innovative tools that let a bunch of high school kids share their passion for music with the world.


What inspired you (or your team)?
I’ve twice been one of the 25 or so students selected to take part in special programs run by the GRAMMY™ Foundation, focusing on songwriting, producing, and audio engineering. I met our lead singer there, who – oddly enough – was transferring into my school. We both shared a passion for making music and wanted to put together a band that created original music and had real purpose. I think we’ve done that.