The iwash could potentially be used as an everyday household appliance. It could clean and dry a pair of glasses in under 1 minute. I used an arduino to code a servo motor to rotate the glasses around in 90 degree intervals, and then programmed two water sprayers and a dryer to turn on when the glasses were facing them, to spray water and dish soap on the glasses, and then to dry them when they are clean. I also inserted a sponge to wipe the dirt that the water spray couldn’t get. To build the case for the device, I used old wood from my garage. I used recycled plastic soda bottles to hold the water and dish soap, and then connected tubing so the liquid could travel through it. This device could benefit every person who wears glasses, and could clean their glasses quickly. This product could be especially helpful when many pairs of glasses need to be cleaned at one time, and could benefit the 61 percent of the general population that wear glasses.


What inspired you (or your team)?
My inspiration was my mother, who has over 30 pairs of glasses that need cleaning constantly. Every weekend, she would travel around the house, collecting all of her pairs of glasses. 40 minutes later, after they were all clean, she would circle back around the house to place all the glasses back in their spots. I think the iwash could really help her, and other people like her.